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Marketing Management Psychology Info Tech is beautiful.

Peng has advised many clients to grow their business and ideas. His success comes from the incredible enthusiasm he has for quality work, building relationships, and helping people.

Marketing Roles

  • Head of Marketing - GCG Inc.
  • Social Media Strategist - Crowd Media
  • Field Advisor - Mckenzie Holland

Management Roles

  • Executive Committee Member - GCG Inc.
  • Business Dev. Manager - Aston Social
  • Project Consultant - GCG Inc.

IT Roles

  • IT Support (2013) at The University of Melbourne
  • Lab Administrator (2012) at The University of Melbourne


  • Bachelor of Commerce - University of Melbourne
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology - University of Melbourne


  • Python Programming - NCSS, University of Sydney
  • Jim Ellis Award - Curtin Business Information Systems 100

Other Roles

  • Sales - Mind Challenge Ltd.
  • Customer Service - IGA
  • Operations Manager - Winthrop Fish
  • Intern - QBE Insurance

Published Works

Writing is my hobby. There is nothing better than a warm blanket, hot chocolate, pen, and paper. I enjoy writing for my blog, short stories, fantasy fiction novels and books, and marketing guide books

Listen. One word is all it takes. When words are spoken, some bounce, some shatter, and some are lost. Words which bounce are happy- they fall from the mouth and are caught and treasured. Someday, they may be called upon again. Words which shatter are miserable. They cry as they fall, and suffer a glimpse of unwanted existance. Of all these, however, words which are lost are the greatest tragedy. These contain what could have been, or are misunderstood. Success. Divorce. Sorry. Ok. Singular words can tell a whole story. One word can ignite a passion, as it can destroy. One word can change your world, or be missed and fly away. Listen.