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Can you believe the McWhopper? Burger King & McDonald’s Big New Idea.

Marketing is usually a dog-eat-dog world. It's all about "I'm better than you!" and "oh yeah? Well you don't have this feature." Of the notable bitter rivalries which exist, none is more instantly recognisable than Burger King and McDonalds. Whether you're loving it how it is or want to have it your way, the two restaurant chains just can not seem to get along. That is... until today.

How to Design Effective After-Sales and Technical Support Services

*Please stay on hold while we transfer you for the seventeenth time.* Marketing often stops after the purchase is made. This is a mistake. Bad after-sales service and technical support is the cause of a majority of negative word of mouth. If a product is bad, it will cause complaints and there will be a minority of customers who are disgruntled enough to want to return the product. In this situation, having a...