Ad wins: Family Parks “YOLO”

So I have recently flown from Melbourne to Sydney, and saw this ad in one of the magazines.

And it caught my attention due to the very novel stimuli to include slang (especially one as pretentious as YOLO) in a respectable ad.

Usage of slang in advertising:

Pros: Catches your attention, targeted to a very specific audience (In this case internet or pop-culture savvy individuals), creates connection/relationship (“oh, they understand me and my language”) and draws interest.

Cons: Could detract from message, pop-culture references are terrible when incorrectly used (shows the opposite: detachment from audience), could decrease the professionalism of the ad if used inappropriately, and could screen out those outside the target audience.

My verdict: Well done!
-Yolo was used very well in this case to target to families. The demographic which knows “yolo” is around 8-35+ years of age, which is mostly inclusive of what Family Parks seems to want to target.
-Catches attention, generates talk. Certainly caught mine- and heck now I’m blogging about it. More word of mouth = more awareness, memory retention, and familiarity (increasing liking).
-Used well and is linked to message. Actually, I find the caption really profound. “If you’re doing it right, once isn’t enough”. It is both an allegory for life>> people who say “yolo” obviously are not doing it right (keep in mind yolo is generally held as a reckless and stupid thing to say) as well as illustrates the benefits of their product: come to Family Parks if you want to enjoy life the right way. You’ll enjoy us so much, once is not enough.


This ad brilliantly illustrates that slang is not “off limits”, and with the proper understanding and use of them, it most magnificently garners attention, connection, and sparks conversation. Well done Family Parks!


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