Ad wins: Knock knock jokes

Funny Sign

Ok, so this isn’t really an ad. It’s actually a construction sign.. which is why the knock knock joke struck me as novel.

If this was an ad, it would do well, but probably not to the extent to that I’d blog about it. But then, it is a construction sign- and it goes above and beyond just saying “Keep out” or “Construction Ongoing” or “Hardhats are necessary…”

Relationship Marketing:
Relationship marketing is any form of communications which goes a little beyond awareness, liking, and persuasion. It is about creating a bond between customers and the company or product- and is one of the highest levels of marketing out there.

Why go the extra mile of putting up a lame joke? Because it is unexpected, because it is rewarding (well, I smiled), because it shows people that you care.

It may not attract millions of visitors, but it shows your current customers that the company pays attention to every detail of their experience, and it converts an inconvenience (construction, ugh) to something of value. Every customer retained is worth at least 10 customers gained.

So next time you are thinking of putting up the usual “rent a fence” signage, think a bit more and go the extra mile.

(Photo taken at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Wakiki Beach Resort:

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