Can you believe the McWhopper? Burger King & McDonald’s Big New Idea.

Marketing is usually a dog-eat-dog world. It’s all about “I’m better than you!” and “oh yeah? Well you don’t have this feature.” Of the notable bitter rivalries which exist, none is more instantly recognisable than Burger King and McDonalds. Whether you’re loving it how it is or want to have it your way, the two restaurant chains just can not seem to get along. That is… until today.

McWhopper Store

On September 21st of this year, Burger King and McDonalds may be having their biggest collaboration ever. Burger King was the first to reach out to create a joint-branded pop-up restaurant in honor of the “Peace One Day” movement, founded to promote ceasefire and non-violence. Peace One Day was founded in 1999 by filmaker Jeremy Gilley and officially recognised by the United Nations in 2001. It’s message? One day of peace and reflection, so there can be peace one day.

Where violence is becoming an increasingly pressing and relevant issue no matter where you live, Peace One Day addresses not only inter-regional conflicts and wars, but also urges local communities and individuals to forgive, forget, and reconcile. It addresses bullying, hate, and even family tensions, and encourages we spend one day thinking about how to stop the conflict.

Recognising how this message can resonate with many of their customers, Burger King recently created a website  proposing a collaboration between themselves and McDonalds in creating and selling a unified signature burger: the ingredients of  the whopper fusing with the classic Big Mac. Burger King is branding this initiative #SettleTheBeef, and as of now it’s already been tweeted 2399 times.

McWhopper Uniform and Packaging

A quick look of the website shows attention to detail in not only the content and message, but also proposed locations, store design, and joint-branded uniforms. Also- did I mention the price? The price for one McWhopper would be a tray-mat declaration to seek peace with someone whom you may not agree with. Time to Google how long the drive is to Atlanta.

McWhopper Location

It is extremely rare in the world of marketing to find a cause which is so relevant, unique, and memorable. Even more rare is an event which not only links with a respected charity or event, but also allows collaboration with competitors. To top it all off, the best use of Parallax Scrolling I have ever seen on a website! (Sorry… my inner web-designer got out. Let me lock him back in).

McWhopper Burger

Marketing genius aside, we can all agree that Burger King is definitely onto something in jointly hosting an event which not only promotes peace, but also is delicious. Now just waiting for a reply from Ronald McDonald.


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