Customer service starts from the heart, ends with fat wallets.

I had recently come by a seriously good read by entrepreneur Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby.

He shares 6 points which I completely agree are very important issues when considering customer service, and also shows us why going the extra mile is so important. Read more at his website:

Essentially he outlines how customer service was the secret to success despite tough competitors offering better prices in the war for online indie music.

He points us to six points, which may seem counter-intuitive at first glance:
1) A mindset of generosity pays for itself in the long run. As you give, so you will receive (and with interest).

2) Prioritizing the customer over the company is the best strategy for longevity.

3) Paying more for friendlier, nicer staff nets you more profits.

4) Seek opportunities to delight your customer, instead of an efficient service.

5) To win, make sure you let the customer win, every time. Make a loss and apologise for your mistakes, and you’ll win more in the long run.

6) What I like to call ABCD: Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. Do what you feel is right, rather than what is required, and you will not just feel good.

Big thanks to Derek for sharing this wonderful post. I’ve been inspired to write more on service, and will have my next blogpost on the “Recovery Paradox”, my favourite marketing theory.

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