Mages of Minds: My Debut Novel

A big thank you to all my readers out there.  Besides writing blog articles on Marketing, Management, Psychology, and the occasional gaming article, one of my hobbies is writing Young-Adult fantasy. Today, I am proud to announce that my first novel is finally available on Amazon. Read more about it on my website:



For a limited time, you can get Mages of Minds 40% off. As an added bonus, if you subscribe to my newsletter you will receive a free story. (Both are related, but you have to read to find out how.)

Click HERE to see the book on Amazon!

Here’s a quick synopsis:

Pit and Cei are mages with unique abilities. Pit reads minds, while Cei writes thoughts. When an innkeeper is murdered, they discover that their city is infested with corruption. As they try to survive, they encounter a conspiracy much deeper than either could have imagined.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading and supporting my blog, and for all your words of encouragement. If you have liked reading my articles on here, you will certainly enjoy Mages of Minds.

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