Pre-Launch sale and update! Mages of Minds

To survive in Tekrem, you must learn its ways. To save Tekrem, you must master it.

It has been a long journey for Pit and Cei, but for our young mages the fight is far from over. In an effort to redeem themselves and bring peace to the city, Pit and Cei team up with an unusual player. As is often the case, things do not always go to plan. Pit discovers that clearing his name is much harder than he thought, while Cei finds that something may be killing her. To bring justice to their problems, the pair will have to delve deeper into the shadows of the city than they already are.

Mist of Memories by Peng Tiong

Mist of Memories is now available for pre-order, and will be launched in the coming days. Secure your copy now through Amazon!

To celebrate the launch of the second book of the Mind Masters Trilogy, Mages of Minds is on promotion for $2.99 USD. Not only that, but I will be launching Mages of Minds Edition 2 to replace the original copy. This revised version of the book polishes the storytelling and pacing and addresses holes for a better reading experience.

If you have not bought it already, now is the best time! Available at the Kindle Store on Amazon and Smashwords. If you have already bought a copy, you will be able to synchronize your file to the latest edition for free.

Happy reading!

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