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Seven things which drive us to purchase

The pleasure and pain principle is a theory that humans are driven primarily by a desire to avoid pain and obtain pleasure. If this is true, all our purchase decisions would be hinged on either giving some advantage in obtaining pleasure or alleviating pains. At the very least, we can definitively say that we buy products to solve problems: whether it be a refrigerator to prolong our food or luxury cuff-links to improve our...

The Consumer Decision Making Process Model: Explained

Understanding how consumers make decisions is the foundation of understanding marketing. While the value formula explains how we make decisions in a simplified way, we can delve into decision making much more. The decision making process starts from the planting of the idea of purchase, and continues past purchase. <...

The Secret to Consumer Decision Making: Value

What if I told you there was a universal reason behind every decision in the world- an underlying formula which is used again and again? This formula not only dictates what products we buy or what services we seek out- but also all other aspects of your lives. The formula is simple: maximising perceived value. In this context, value can be defined as benefits divided by costs. If the result is greater than 1 (eg. Benefit...

[Section 4] How to increase your chances of fine withdrawal

The Infringement Notice

After the incident, expect the notice of infringement to arrive in about a month. If an excessive amount of time has gone past before you receive it, there may be grounds to contest it due to not being able to mount an effective case due to the length of delay. The notice of infringement gives you specific details on the incident, and outlines how you could pay for the infringement. A sa...

[Section 3] Know Your Rights: Handling Ticket Inspectors

What inspectors can fine you for

(image) While fare evasion is the number one reason for a fine, an inspector can fine you for a number of reasons:

[Section 0] The Inspector Formula – Secrets, Tactics, Rights, & Contesting


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