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How NOT to Piss off Your Customers: Designing Great Customer Service

While there are many dangers and pitfalls of providing bad service, how can great service be achieved? Great experiences come from companies and employees who truly understand what it means to have an interaction with a customer. Humans are judgemental bastards. As a man, if I show up to a speech in a dress, I will probably lose all the reputation and respect I have built over the years. As an author, include one spellin...

How to Design Effective After-Sales and Technical Support Services

*Please stay on hold while we transfer you for the seventeenth time.* Marketing often stops after the purchase is made. This is a mistake. Bad after-sales service and technical support is the cause of a majority of negative word of mouth. If a product is bad, it will cause complaints and there will be a minority of customers who are disgruntled enough to want to return the product. In this situation, having a...

Customer service starts from the heart, ends with fat wallets.

I had recently come by a seriously good read by entrepreneur Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby. (image) He shares 6 points which I completely agree are very important issues when considering customer service, and also shows us why going the extra mile is so important. Read more at his website: