The Convenience of Religion

Another reason I doubt the truth behind every religion is that there is a personal convenience to it which makes believing beneficial.

In a world where a mass majority of people are being dominated and oppressed- either by a king, lord, politician, organization, company, or system such as communism or capitalism- I see how it is convenient for religions to assert that these unfair and unjust power figures are only temporary, and there is a just and benevolent ultimate authority which is the only one(s) we need to answer to. It is interesting that the religious are most common amongst the heavily oppressed. I don’t believe this is coincidence, but rather a natural equilibrium due to human nature.

For Christianity, the carrot and stick design of Heaven (Eternal Happiness) and Hell (Eternal suffering) is a compelling and convenient design. I would argue that a large part of the popularity of Christianity is the relative ease of being Christian (absolute belief/faith), without major drawbacks or observances like Ramadan or self flagellation. The relative ambiguity of the bible opens up almost every possible interpretation which allows anyone to create their own personal version of the religion based on what suits them best. This makes Christianity both dangerous as well as valuable to a believer.

I believe all religions have carrots and sticks to certain extents, and they also allow for three things I believe humans naturally find comfort in:

  1. The belief that death is not an end, but rather a new beginning
  2. The belief that justice is universal and that the universe is ultimately fair
  3. The belief that there is purpose to life and to living which is personal to each human

These three things make religion incredibly appealing. To such an extent that only someone who enjoys a privileged life and whom can bear the idea that the universe is uncompromising, unfair, and meaningless can become an atheist.

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