The Problem of Evil

In a world full of evil and tragedy, even if I knew that any god exists- he/she must not be benevolent. Therefore, he is not worth worshiping and by principle nobody should bow down to a malicious god, even risking eternal damnation.

Why are there flies which lay eggs in the eyes of innocent babies? Natural disasters which destroy entire communities? Why does he allow hatred in his name?

In Christianity, original sin can explain why humans are evil to each other, but even that is not a satisfying explanation. Just as we cannot hold individuals accountable for the actions of their ancestors, it is not right that we as a human race are held accountable for the actions of Adam and Eve.

Furthermore, the punishment doesn’t seem to fit the crime. Disobeying god, eating fruit which gave them knowledge of good and evil resulted in the loss of eternal life and happiness, pains of childbirth exclusively for women, and suffering for the world for millennia to come.

One could also argue that an omniscient god would not only predict, but constantly be aware of exactly what will happen. Even if this god lives within a moment in time and the future only exists as the knowledge of every probability and eventuality, what is the use of such a test? Put two test subjects for an infinite amount of time with one forbidden task- wouldn’t the only eventuality be disobedience?

Free Will is another common explanation for the problem of evil, but that only explains war, theft, rape and murder- human caused tragedies. It does not offer explanation to animal or natural tragedies.

Lucifer and the Devil’s designs is another common explanation, however it still presents a problem: how can an omnipotent and omnibenevolent being allow such a being to exist? How can his “love” for this one being justify the suffering of so many? Why can’t an omnipotent and omnibenevolent being find a solution which allows for Lucifer’s existence without undue suffering?

Since he allows all of this, the logical conclusion is that he is complacent with the state of reality. Any reasonable and compassionate person would do what they can to stop rape, murder, and genocide. God does not, therefore he is either not reasonable, not compassionate, or powerless to stop this. Any of these reasons are compelling enough for me to not want to worship this god.

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