Nobody notices the little things. Often, they are the most beautiful.

Have you ever wondered about dust? It is something we have all seen, and had to remove- but have you really thought about it? Every speck tells a story, if you know how to look.

By the time you finish reading this story, you would have shed another 3 thousand skin cells. The dust knows all your secrets. It knows your likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. It does not judge, but merely records. It tells a story about you- but not only that.

If you only knew how to look- you would also see a greater story. Who visited lately? What did they do? Every action, every scratch, every hesitation, every interaction, every leap of faith. Every moment of your greatest successes, and every moment of hidden sadness- these are recorded on your untouched shelf.

More than mere skin cells, dust is made of plant pollen, animal and human hair, fibers from clothing, fibers from papers, soil minerals, and traces of meteorite particles. The dust on your shelf does not only tell a story of your life, but your whole world. It keeps track of the tiniest dust mite and holds memories of the years gone by.

Have you ever wondered about dust, or have you only ever brushed it aside?

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