Suicide Specialist

The human mind is more fragile than you think. Here, where the death penalty is abolished, I am the solution to overcrowding in prisons. You can say I persuade new vacancies. My name is Dr. Flaxmore, and I am a suicide specialist. There are many like me- but none as good as me.

You see- we as humans are all nuts. One way or another, we are flawed, different, and can be cracked. Some humans are born harder, and others harden with experience- but all minds can be cracked. You just need the right amount of pressure, and know how to apply it.

Let’s talk about love. Powerful emotion, that one. People do many things for love. People do more upon a sudden loss of that love too. If you know what or who they love, cracking the nut is really quite simple. If you do not, find it for them. Give them something to love. Let them hold it, get used to it. Take it away. Wait a few days. Give it back, then give them a choice. A moment of happiness, or a lifetime of loneliness.

There are other ways, too. Faith is an interesting one. Put someone in a position where they need to violate their faith. Some use death to escape this. Others endure, only to crack later. One way or another, strong beliefs are not great for survival.

Many do it for pride. Some will do it out of greed. I like the happy emotions, they are much easier to use. If you need to however, you could use a negative one. Hate. Fear. Sadness. Guilt. It is quite simple once you understand how. Never use brute force. Confusion and manipulation followed by a sharp realization works so much better. Watch the nut crack itself.

Let me give you an example:

“Hello, 11964. How are you today?”

“Fuck off!”

“My name is Dr. Flaxmore, and I am going to prove that you are a terrible person.”


“Do you believe you are a terrible person?”


“It says on your file that you murdered someone.”

“I did.”

“A maniac like you- it is good that you are here for life, don’t you think?”

“You’re the maniac!”

“I know your kind. Killing others is second nature. Society is much better without you.”

“He raped my sister.”

“And you believe you killed him for that?”

“I DID kill him for that. Look, I know what you are trying to do. I am not going to kill myself, and there is nothing you can do to kill me.”

“Let me change your mind. I am going to place a sheet of paper here. On top, I have two revolvers. One is loaded. Pick one, and fire it at me. If it is the wrong one, however, you have to shoot yourself with the other.”

“Why would I play?”

“You know my reputation. If you truly believe that I am the maniac, you would play.”

The prisoner at this point figures out that with both revolvers so close, he could cheat at the game. Fire one, and if that fails fire another. He smiles and accepts.

The prisoner picks the first one of the two. He fires, and it clicks. I smile, then move to pick the second up. As always, he grabs it before I do, and fires. It clicks again.

The prisoner is then confused. I place a bullet in front of him- the bullet which was supposed to be in one of the revolvers.

“You see, 11964, you are a terrible person. My job here is to get you to kill yourself, nothing more. You have chosen to try to kill me.”


“Below the revolver is a slip of paper your sister signed. You may look to check. It’s a little deal we made. She swears you’re an honorable man, and I believed her. If you would have refrained from shooting me, and shot yourself with the second round- you would go free. If not, she gets to join you. I am sorry, 11964.”

I stand and leave promptly, allowing the prisoner some reading time. I hear the door click behind me. I keep walking. A little later on, I hear a loud crack. I smile.

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