The Guardian of Manuteh

How wonderful and fulfilling it is to serve a god who cares.

Hello, Maximus. You must be here to replace me. My name is Nox. I have been a guardian of the heavenly realm of Manuhteh for a great many years. It has been so long, that it is hard to remember how many years I have guarded this realm. I am a century and two decades old- which must put my servitude to this place at a little less than that.

First, I must congratulate you. In all my time here, Manuhteh has not chosen any guardian deemed fit to be my equal. You must have shown great promise in the pits. Were you, too, saved to be Manuhteh’s champion before you encountered any battles in that place? Whatever your past ties, you must put them behind. Your loyalty now lies with Manuhteh, repay your debts with gratitude and service.

Regardless, welcome. You may not know much, but trust as I tell you: you are one of the most privileged beings in all the realms to be allowed here. There are many realms in this vast and infinite universe- something I have learned in the last century or so- and while I have not explored them all, I am fairly certain that there can not be a better place than Manuhteh’s domain.

As a guardian, you will find that in this realm, you are powerful. The magics of this place imbues us with great ability. Your role is to use this power to defend the realm as best you can. Sometimes, travellers will venture here. With Manuhteh’s permission, they are to be welcomed. Without it, they are to be vanquished. Feral creatures stalk the landscape, and not only that- sometimes even aggressive and malicious gods may seek entry. As a guardian, you have the power to deal even with them. This is your most important role.

In return, you will experience many pleasures and luxuries in this realm that you would never see anywhere else. Outside of Manuhteh’s domain is barren earth. Dirt, rock, and sparse vegetation lines the cruel, cold world. It is littered with frequent and intense storms- the very winds themselves rob you of breath. Inside, you are sheltered. Look- even the white, wisps of clouds that you stand on are so immeasurably soft. In this realm, you cannot be injured. In this realm, you live better than kings.

In this place, the great central plains, you have a good view of the realm and a window to the world outside. This is the most important place, as a guardian. Apart from this, I should mention the fields of plenty. In the fields of plenty, there lies a treasury. This treasury stores infinite foods- anything you can possibly imagine is within it. The treasury only responds to the gods. Believe, me- I have tried opening it. Be patient, and Manuhteh will provide you with all you will need- enough milk and honey to fill you for a lifetime.

Far to the back, there are the great gardens. The great gardens are open once a day. Be sure to take advantage of them when they are available. It is indeed an awesome place.

Oh, there is far too much to tell you- but I do have such little time. I can feel it in my bones. I have the feeling that you will be fine. The last guardian passed before I entered this realm, and I was able to learn all I needed to survive by myself. You have the blood of the guardians within you, Maximus. I can tell. Trust your instincts.

My time is here. I have lived a good life. Goodbye, Maximus. Tell Manuhteh I love him, and above all- be a good boy for me.

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