Book 1 of the Mind Masters Trilogy

  • 21 November 2014

Mages of Minds

To survive Tekrem, one must learn its ways.

Pit is a mind reader- he hears the thoughts of others. As a mind-writer, Cei can command thoughts.

When an innkeeper is murdered, Pit finds out he was framed- and is forced to use his powers to uncover what had happened.

Cei, on the other side of the crime, tries to atone her sins while running from her past. When an innocent is wrongfully accused, Cei questions the organisation she works for.

Unaware of each other and the links between their destinies, Pit and Cei stumble upon a conspiracy much deeper than either could have imagined. They come to realise that the only way to survive the nightmare is to trust each other and work together.

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  • Keywords

    • Fantasy
    • Swords & Sorcery
    • Telepathy
    • Canumdor