Book 2 of the Mind Masters Trilogy

  • 6 May 2014

Mist of Memories

To conquer Tekrem, one must master the past.

Pit is a mind reader- he hears the thoughts of others. As a mind-writer, Cei can command thoughts.

Despite defeating Mudmah, Pit and Cei discover that their troubles are only beginning, and the city has not improved. Pit remains hunted as a fugitive while the bartender’s murderer stays at large. Cei is told that the memories which Mudmah sealed away are returning, and that may be killing her.

To save themselves and to bring justice to the city of Tekrem, Pit and Cei learn that they must help the Politician secure a victory in the coming election… but an attack from a new, unknown source and unexpected competition make the task more challenging than they expected.

  • Keywords:

    • Fantasy
    • Sword & Sorcery
    • Mental Magic
    • Canumdor